Why Buy Diatomite Bath Mats

The floor mats currently on the market are often fluffy.

Fluffy mats

Fluffy mats have been around for a long time and are prone to odor. In addition, this kind of floor mat is particularly sticky to hair and dust, which is easy to dirty and difficult to clean. In addition, the place like the bathroom is humid all year round, and it is prone to mold over time. And it is non-slip, easy to move when you step on it.

rubber mats

There is a rubber floor mat! Although the bottom is relatively non-slip, it does not absorb water. After taking a shower, all the water on your feet and slippers is brought out, and you accidentally fall off.


The diatom mud mat is very powerful, with super strong water absorption, ultra-slip resistance at the bottom, and easy to clean without mold.

Diatom floor mat

1. Super strong water absorption, instantaneous suction in 3 seconds

This diatom pad can absorb water after stepping on it for about 3 seconds. Not only the water on the feet will be sucked clean, but the water on the surface of the pad will also be sucked into it. The watermark will soon be invisible. Already.


This amazing water absorption performance is due to diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is also called diatomaceous earth in Japan. It is a kind of biological chemical sedimentary rock with soft and light texture, low density, multi-void structure, and amazing water absorption capacity. It can absorb up to twice its volume of water. The pores between the diatomite powder particles are particularly large. There are tens of thousands of holes on a floor mat, just like tens of millions of suction cups, which can instantly absorb moisture!


2. Remove mildew and dampness, and also absorb moisture

The bathroom is humid all year round, and it is the place where bacteria are most likely to breed. Moldy will also occur over time, and the odor will fill the entire room, which will slowly harm human health.


The diatom mat can absorb excess water in the air when the air is humid; when the air is dry, the water in it will evaporate, keeping it dry at all times, leaving the bacteria nowhere to make a living


3. Easy to clean and clean

The diatom mat is particularly easy to clean. Just wipe it with a rag and it will be clean. There is no need to worry about breeding bacteria.


If there are stains that are particularly difficult to clean, you can simply scrub with a small brush.


4.Stable and non-slip

The surface of the mat is brushed and polished to increase friction. The mat feels very stable during use and will not slip even if there is water on the floor.